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Love at First Loot

“The selfie wasn’t real. He might as well have cast Disguise Self or Illusion. Besides, his voice seemed too deep for the boyish charm of the man in the picture. She felt like an idiot trying to reverse search the image on Google to see where he had gotten it from. Her search came up empty. Her heart thundered in her chest. She told it to shut up.”

Lina golden

Lina is a maker of believing. She was raised on RPGs and MMORPGs. As a teenager, she had been known to ditch trips to the mall with her friends to run pixelated dungeons with her guild buddies. As an adult, she continues to prioritize imagination by playing in an all-female Dungeons & Dragons group. She believes magic happens where fantasy and reality meet. Who says you can’t have both?

Garnet is a young professional working in insurance, but at heart, she’s a Level 128 Shadowsworn Ranger.

Everything she does is carefully calculated for minimal risk. Her guild mate, Smashkill12 is an infuriatingly brash Half-Orc Barbarian who rushes into intense battles without any regard for his party members. Garnet’s guild leader insists on letting him join every mission, which threatens Garnet’s server ranking. If she can’t get to Platinum rank in six weeks, she won’t receive a highly coveted invitation to compete in MadRush Con’s annual Playathon and miss her chance to score legendary loot and be the first female winner.

Smashkill12 is the one thing standing in the way of her dreams and she’s figured out a way to get him kicked out of the guild. After all, he deserves it… except for when she sees glimpses of his true self. The legendary loot is too good to pass up.

But what if the true prize is the man behind the brutish barbarian she’s pushing away?

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